£5.40 for processing your payment

Dear BT Complaints

My constant complaint about BT relates to their theft of £5.40 each statement for “processing your payment.” No other commercial firm charges a customer to pay an account which is not overdue. Total theft and a disgrace that the useless regulator allows it.

Secondly the current attempts by BT to force customers to pay quickly – that is one week after receipt of their first account. If you do not pay by then they follow up with an overdue account mail. The average time for settling an account in the UK at the moment far exceeds a month – why do BT think they are so special? Are they not aware that many of their customers have to wait until the end of the month to get paid themselves?

The short answer, of course, is that BT do not care at all. They are a useless, money grabbing, effective monopoly [wait until you need your phone line repaired and you are not with BT] and should never have been “privatised.” As with all other ex-nationalised industries they do what they want and charge what they like. Ineffective regulators do nothing.

My statement from BT totals £47.61 of which only 51 pence relates to phone calls! A total disgrace.

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  • "It is theft £5.67 to tell you how much you owe them,but to add insult to injury i'm paying my bill 3 month's in advance,HOW CAN THIS BE RIGHT.Irecieved a bill for£143.12 but wanted to change my tarrif to a lower one and go on direct debit,but was still told i had to pay the £143.12 [which is for somthing i havent recieved]as they could not change a bill once it had been generated.So this meant paying and also paying a direct debit.

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