45 minutes wasted with BT customer service

This BT customer complains about wasting 45 minutes with BT customer service staff.

Dear BTcomplaint.com

I was going to start a bt complaints website up, I’m glad someone has saved me the time, I’m going to start documenting each of my many troublesome episodes with BT. Being in the IT Support Industry, British Telecom have to be the worth service / product provider in the business.

One of our customers has an ISDN 2E line they wanted called ID enabled on ( No Enabled by Default). I called their sales number on 0800 800 152 and after a 10 minute wait I was told I need to speak to BT Local Business.

They put me through to BT local business to which I told again that I needed Caller ID Enabled on the Line. They said wait one moment then transfered me back to the 0800 800 152 number! Another 10 minutes later I was being put back through to BT Local Business in which I asked for the direct number this time to call them directly if they tried to fob me off again. I then got through to BT Local Business Sales again and he said hold on a moment while I transfer you to someone who can help , in which I stopped him transferring me and asked him to deal with the CallerID request as they where the only ones who could fulfill the order.

He then took my details and is now processing the Caller ID Request.

Total Time Wasted : 45 Minutes

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