Crackle on line

Submitted by Alan in November 2016

I am a BT customer and have been since 1974. I have only ever had BT and never tried Talk Talk, Sky or other packages.

I have unlimited calls, BT Vision and BT Infinity and BT Mobile.
So a loyal customer you would think.

However I have had a crackle on the line for months. An engineer has called and although disconnecting at the box and re connecting no change was noticed.

I have made my own checks on the first box on entry to our home and the crackle persists. I have used a corded phone in the test point and guess what there is no crackle. But reconnect the cordless phone and the crackle comes back. So according to BT that is a problem with my own equipment. I have the new BT8600 phones which I bought from BT so what next.

Also now I cannot get BT Smart Talk on my mobile and guess what that is my fault as well. Are BT faultless.

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