Broadband connection issues

Submitted by Zaibun in November 2016

I have been experiencing broadband connectivity issues on all my devices for two days. I have spoken to two different people who informed me there are no issues from the BT side.

Both suggested that my devices are the problem. Submitted a fault complaint on line and I have now been informed there is an issue with the ‘Retail Servers’.

It is incomprehensible and frustrating.

Why can’t BT give you a straight answer.

I pay £179 every quarter; for that amount of money you would expect a better service. I am serioulsy contemplating switching providers!

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  1. I’m having same problem particularly on weekends. Some devices drop off. Also when if I try to log on manually it will say the password is incorrect or unable to connect to server. Only way I’ve found is to switch modem on and off at wall which isn’t always convenient.

  2. Ive had constant issues blamed firstly on copper broadband, then on the homehub 5, now I have a “smart”hub its possibly atmospheric ??, each time Ive ‘upgraded’, ive had to start a new contract !!
    But I get the same drop outs, after periods of stability, the engineer has found no line fault, but I keep getting Static orange lights on my Smarthub, long periods of ‘No Internet’ on ALL my devices, it will reconnect, then drop out again within minutes.
    Everytime I complain I get the same scripted response, (have I reset, factory reset, split my ssids, tried a different mode etc,etc), now its ‘there MAY be a fault on the line, and a engineer will have to be sent, at a cost of £129.99 !! , (even though the last engineer found NO fault !?!), and so I am stuck in a viscous circle , waiting for this latest contract to end, and thus sign up with the other BT company, that is Plusnet, but is apparently, according to friends 1000% better to deal with !!

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