Can’t get BT Sport even though it was part of the deal we signed up for

Submitted by Lucy in October 2016

We can’t seem to get BT Sport even though it was part of the deal we signed up for and it shows on our account as something we are getting…….

We have been told all sorts of excuses as to why – firstly ‘you didn’t ask for it’ but we did. Secondly ‘you don’t have BT Infinity’ – not relevant as loads of people have BT Sport without it. Thirdly ‘your broadband is too slow’ – we know several people who have it with the same speed as us. We have been sent round the houses several times with their ‘help’ (or ‘not helpful’) desk and have spent hours and hours on the phone – we even got an email address off one person (and she did ring us back – only person ever to do so even though they promised) but now she is not answering her emails.

Our neighbour had a similar problem but had an engineer visit who fixed it – we have told BT this several times but nothing has happened

This has been going on for 6 weeks now

So has anyone else experienced this and if so what fixed it?

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  1. Yes no TVs sport since August 2016. A new hub sent new remote control sent two new wall adaptors sent. Loads of cables .About 20 phone calls Two engineers called still no picture The best thing to do is cancel as I have now done. They even tried to charge a penalty for cancelling early!

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