Who keeps ringing me?

Another BT customer complaining about unwanted annoying sales calls. We are getting increasing numbers of complaints saying “Who the hell keeps ringing me!” In this particular complaint, the telephone number is 02031671196.

Dear BTcomplaint.com 

I’ve had at least 14 calls over the last 2 weeks, once a day around midday every weekdays plus once in the evening.

I have not got a reply and when I rang the number it was not possible to get through. The telephone number is 002031671196

It must be obvious to whoever is calling I don’t want them to call and I’m worried as to their intensions with all you hear about the fraudulant use of numbers.

I rang the nuisance call department on 13/1/2012 to ask for help and was asked to keep a log of the phone calls. this I did and rang back today (1/2/2012 ). I was told nothing could be done unless I paid for an extra service to stop unwanted calls. I was under the impression I already had this service at no cost.

I am an elderly person and cannot afford to pay any more money out. These calls are really worrying me as to their unknown intensions and if there is no way you can stop them I will have to find another company who provide a more secure and thoughtful service.


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  1. BT. screening of unwanted sales calls is a waste of time and trying to find some one who cares is a nightmare. Total waste of space as a service provider

  2. We just had a call on our landline from someone saying they were from B.T. I doubt this was true. Perhaps could check it his for us. We noticed they sounded very much like a large number of ` fishing’ calls we have recently received, mostly asking us about insurance claims/car accidents etc, but this time they asked us to sit down in front of our computer and follow their instructions.
    I laughed and said No Thanks, and put the phone down.
    We are getting a number these sorts of calls and getting seriously disturbed and concerned about this interminable disturbance . We usually have at least five a week, and they are very persistent.
    Isn’t there anything we or more importantly you can do about it ?

  3. I am having at least 2 or more calls a day from this number 02381014445 and each time I answer there is no one on the other end. Rather than me call this number and completely loose my mind in the barrage of abuse I would like to subject them too, I am asking for your assistance to stop this.

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