2 years I patiently waited for fibre broadband…

For around 2 years I patiently waited for fibre broadband. Checking the BT website for news and then it happens, ‘good news your exchange is being upgraded to Fibre and soon it will be available to you’.

After another few months wait the day arrived the box was fibre enabled and I went to the order page on the website to be told that I was not able to have it as the telephone line length was too long. My disbelief took over so I made the dreaded call to BT for them to confirm the terrible news.
It would appear that when fibre was not available I was told I could have, it but as soon as it was available I could not have it. My house has not moved the line length did not change. So I entered in to the complaints procedure, soon to discover that way madness lies.

After further research I found ‘Unlimited Faster Broadband’ a product designed for people like me out of the service for true Fibre but a product that utilises Fibre technology without the line speed guarantees. Perfect for me. So again with a mixture of trepidation and excitement I rang the sales department. They agreed that Faster broadband would improve my speed but it was not available to me as their computer did not have it as an option. Confused I asked why, to be told if it was an option It would show on the screen. I was put through to the technical team so the could help me understand. The technical team told me that it was available to me as my line would support it, thank god I thought sign me up. ‘Sorry we are the Technical team not sales I will put you through to Sales NNNNNNNNNoooooooooo. Back with sales to the dull thud of banging my head off the wall. Yes Technical say you can have but their not sales, we are sales and we say you cant have it.

It would appear that the department that could sign me up say I can’t have it, the department that say I can have it can’t sign me up.
I can see a pattern here can you.

Regardless of what anyone says BT are a monopoly, they are in a race to the bottom dragging customers and the country with them, decades of under investment and now playing catch up is not working. The government should stop throwing money at this under performing giant.

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