2 Weeks and still no BT broadband or telephone!

Dear btcomplaint.com, recently I switched my telephone and broadband to BT. My Broadband and Telephone services were supposed to be starting from 31st March 2010 at Midnight.

Unfortunately my Broadband is still not activated. I have wasted several hours chasing the BT help line to resolve the issue. The helpline is outsourced and I have to repeat the same history again and again to different person as there is a clearly a communication gap. My information and concerns are not passed for the proper follow ups.

I am getting frustrated hearing same things that our engineers and Openreach are working on this.

I have spent so much money in buying mobile broadband because my children’s home work is suffering.

It is now TWO WEEKS and I still see no lights at the end of the tunnel.

I have made complaint to Ofcom but they have their own regulations and limitations.

In short customers are suffering after setting a Direct Debit. And not getting the service for which they have paid money for.

Hope this will be taken up as matter of urgency.

J. Rathod

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