18th month contract for a new hub I probably don’t need

Submitted by Raymond in October 2016

My broadband was knocked out during an electric storm at 6 am Fri 14th October 2016. I have made 5 phone calls to BT.  Since the lightning storm  I  have been in daily contact and have been sold a new hub as a diagnosis of hub failure was made.

I booked an engineer visit when the new hub failed to recover the position.

This engineer visit was cancelled by a BT operative yesterday stating it was an area problem. Yesterday my neighbours 100 yards and similarly affected  were able to access the broadband service, Today engineers are visiting properties on my road I now have to wait until Sat 22nd for a visit.

Not that it may matter to you that I am considering an inferior competitor rather than be messed about by a vastly more incompetent company.

I feel that BT took an unfair advantage in contracting me to an 18 month contract for a new hub I probably don’t need.

Extremely disappointed.

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