167 BT complaints so far!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a BT complaint

So far I have received 167 complaints and these will all be put into a report and sent to BT for comment later this year (2008). I will publish the response I get back from BT (if I get one!) on this blog.

Please keep your complaints coming!

Here is just one of the recent BT complaints I have had:

“My phone has recently ceased working. I get no incoming calls and even though I can dial out the line is so scratchy I can’t hear anything and have to terminate the call. This had gone on over a week

I called the BT fault line and was told by a recording that due to high volume they cannot receive any calls. I emailed them to which I eventually got a reply.

In the reply I was told the fault was raised with engineers but that I better make sure the fault is the line and not my phone because if it IS my phone the engineer will charge me A MINIMUM OF £99 plus VAT.

This is extortion!!!!!!!!!!! I worked at a telecommunications company in another country and as far as I know it is the telecommunications supplier’s job to identify why you are not getting a phone service. This is what we pay them for!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t get charged for a qualified person to figure out what is wrong!!!!!!!!!! I am completely fed up with the highway robbery that goes on in this country!!!!!!!

Read many more and submit your BT Complaint

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