12 month BT contract complaint

We get emailed many BT complaints about BT contracts and renewals and getting out of these contracts is often a difficult and frustrating process as we see here with the following complaint.

Dear btcomplaint.com

We have been loyal BT broadband customers since 2006. We have moved house twice since April 2010. When we first moved they charged us £125 to install a line (our choices were to pay this fee or pay to end the contract which would cost us £130 to pay off the 12month contract! where’s the choice?). What we didn’t realise was that they also renewed our contract with them so our ‘new 12 month contract’ took effect from April 2010.

When we decided to move in December 2010 (because we were freezing in a house with no central heating) we phoned BT 2 weeks before we were due to move and provided BT with our new address. They assured us that the line would be activated for our moving in day. When we moved in we found that the line was not connected, after numerous phone calls and being passed through departments where no one seemed to understand the issue they told us, rather shortly and no apology, that it would be activated within a few days. It was just under a week before we could use the Internet. As we had just moved in, and because it was between Christmas and New Year, we needed easy access to our bank accounts on line. This caused a lot of stress.

Following this we thought we should upgrade to BT Vision. After phoning up we were told the transmitter was being upgraded soon and they would place an order for our account, she also said they would call us back to confirm the order. A few days later they phoned us and informed us that our area had a weak free view signal and a slow broadband speed. Also, we were informed that our Broadband speed was below 3M and we might need an engineer. During this call the line was cut off due to poor phone signal. Customer service did not phone back to finish the call.

After some thought we decided, on account of the poor speed and lack of incentive to upgrade, to cancel the order that same day. In that call I was passed between 4 departments at BT before they allowed me to cancel it. Finally, I received an email to confirm cancellation BUT I then received a letter dated the 14th January in the post to say that BT Vision was being activated on January 20th.

I then phoned them AGAIN to confirm that it was CANCELLED but we were told that it wasn’t. I reminded them that I had been told when I initially ordered the package that I had 10 days to cancel even if they did send the equipment. The customer service man told me that NO, even if I sent back the BT Vision equipment I would still be paying for the package. After a conversation with his supervisor they confirmed that I HAD cancelled the order. Fortunately, we didn’t receive the equipment.

Since then, I have received two letters. (Both letters are dated 20th January) One states: ‘Thank you for choosing UK Evening and Weekend calls with Friends and Family mobile deal’ and the other: ‘Thank you for choosing our Friends and Family mobile deal’ – which I didn’t order and won’t use. Apparently, they have “added Friends and Family Mobile to this contract term, at no extra charge”. But we DON’T WANT ANY UPGRADES!

In an nut shell: we are not happy with the service. Every time we speak to BT they seem to renew our contract with them and tie us in for another 12 months which could cost an arm and a leg to get out of. The service has been abysmal . If we could leave BT for no cost, we would have by now.

Kind Regards,
Rose Fawbert Mills

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  • Simple. Ensure BT have no access to any direct debit, and refuse to pay them. When they chase for the money, issue a letter stating why no contract exists. If they persist, let them take you to court. The County Court will throw it out (if they even offer a defence) and BT will, as in so many cases, once again end up paying costs. One day they will learn.

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