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Submitted by Paul in October 2016

Dear BT,

We have called up a number of times regarding our poor internet strength and the struggle we constantly have whilst opening internet pages. Furthermore, once on the internet, we frequently get dropped from the network. This is truly the slowest internet we have ever used next to old fashioned dial up. To add to the frustration, catch up TV often pauses for very long periods though the programs we are watching and we eventually have to give up.

We left Sky and joined BT as we were promised “super fast” broadband, better service and an excellent choice of programmes for less than Sky etc and were then encouraged to leave and BT would arrange the cancellation with Sky (which they did not do until we complained a number of times).

When I call up for tech support I am told to plug in the ethernet cable to the various different channels and change the settings but this does nothing to improve what we receive, we then end up on the phone once again. BT has been such a let down and we are bitterly disappointed to have left Sky, a company through which we received such excellent service thoroughout our term, so much so we are considering paying over the £200 (!!!!!) just to get rid of BT.

I am now writing to complain. This is an appalling service we are receiving and we don’t even receive HD as “it is not yet in the area”. We want to leave, this service is of no benefit to us, or my wife who currently works from home and struggles daily.

We would like to cancel as we feel we have more than enough reason to warrant this. Please can someone call to talk us through the options at the earliest opportunity

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  • So I am not alone. I have been with BT with just over a month now and it is driving me mad. Our area does not have Infinity so we opted for standard BT . Since day one our broadband (BB) has been dipping several times a day and if I try to switch the BT TV box on it automatically switches the BB off. The amount of times I have rung them for help and each time help is promised but far from delivered.

    I am always put on hold as they do checks, every single time ( cant they just read account notes??) then I am asked to reset the box etc then hold again..then I get told that they have found an issue with the exchange box and that I will get a call back!!!! But not for 3 days- GOD HELP ME!!! this is due to them doing check on our phone line I am told…I am gradually losing patience with this and have resorted to almost shouting…half the time they cant understand me, and when I get through to the Swansea call centre I find they are just as inept!!!!

    Yesterday I went through to cancellations and was told that I will have to pay in excess of £400 to leave them, even after I explained that BT are not providing the service as detailed in the contracts!!! Rather than taking ownership of the complaint, I was passed back to technical help in India and the whole debacle started again!!!

    I am at wits end…I have emailed them and am awaiting response!!! This company is a joke.

  • I sympathise with you – your story is not too disimilar to mine except I have always been with BT. over the last 15 months the service has been dire with the internet dropping off at regular intervals for days at a time. Engineers have been out and fixed it temporarily and then it goes again. Dealings with the India Call centre have been poor with arrangements being made for engineers to come and they did not show. Wrote in desperation to Sir Michael Rose BY Chairman and received a response form a senior person in their Complaints area – result I have been offered GBP 10 for each of the no show calls plus other comp making a total of 65. If I do not accept it is deadlock and the need to go to the ombudsman. BT sympathise and agree with my comments but are not prepared to increase their offer to entice me to stay – have been with BT for 30 years!! Am I happy – No .

  • Looks like I have another 11 month’s to get through… As it stands I am still awaiting an engineer to come out!! I think you should go to the ombudsman… that offer of a paltry £65 just shows how much they value us as customers..

  • To Whom it May Concern ……11/11/16……

    I am writing to complain about my diabolic internet which is driving me to distraction. ….. I left Virgin to be with you to sign up for BT Infinity. After joining I was informed that the area where I live hasn’t got infinity…I have been put through to a call centre in Indian to try and sort the Internet out…No disrespect to the work force but sometimes it is near impossible to understand what is being said…..I rely on the net to get in touch with my children, one lives in Vietnam and the other Aberdeen… I asked if an engineer could come out and help and was told it would cost me £95.00. Seriously, I am paying for a service I get intermittently. I am living on a pension which in anyway shape or form isn’t easy….Please help me out here. Thankyou for your kind attention….Mrs.Smith. Green….

  • Email Tell him he has a week to resolve the issues you have.

    Further tell him that you will invoice BT for £50 per day for every day after (insert date here) that the issues remain unresolved, and that failure to do so will result in bankruptcy proceedings against them will result based upon their inability to provide the service as per cntract, and inability to satisfy their debts (it the debt to you….). It’s easy to do – go the CAB and get the duty solicitor to give you the letter – £15 when I did it…

    My issues were resolved within three days. They were falling over themselves to help, funnily enough…

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