Continual broadband failings

Submitted by Brian in November 2016

It would seem that BT OpenReach are unable to effectively maintain their equipment in the Stickney, PE22 area as we continually have serious problems with Broadband regularly failing to reach adequate speeds and often failing totally EVEN WITHIN A FEW HOURS OF “REPAIRS” BEING EFFECTED.

Record keeping is non existant with BT OpenReach in this area. An example of this is that a neighbour wanted a phone line installed. After several months of waiting and many broken promises they were connected and given a number. TWO DAYS later the phone was disconnected. It appeared that OpenReach had disconnected one of their existing customers and transferred the line to our neighbour.

The existing BT customer complained about loss of phone and BT OpenReach realised that they had made a serious mistake so cut off our neighbours ‘new line’ to re-instate their existing long time customer’s line.

This is only one example of a series of blunders and mis-management in this area, for which BT OpenReach are unaccountable to any member of BT Customers, whether large or small, and can carry on regardless of inconvenience and lost business to their customers.

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