Broadband problems

Submitted by David in October 2016

Hi, I’ve recently taken out your fibre optic broadband service. One of the reasons I took this out was because my previous broadband services with yourselves was very unreliable, and I was told the fibre optic service should resolve my connection problems.

I live in a village called Drumnadrochit, just to the west of Inverness. While it would be considered rural, it is by no means remote, and is situated on the main transport route between the east and west coasts. Since having fibre optic installed I’ve found myself restarting the box more often than ever, due to the connection disappearing. It’s probably been down as much as it’s been on since bring connected up. It’s becoming extremely frustrating. Not only is it inconvenient, it’s also becoming quite expensive as myself and my family are using up all our data allowances on our phones due to not having any WiFi connection.

Can you please try and resolve this situation as soon as possible.


D Bell

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