100gb BT Option 3 download limit complaint

This complaint is about BT Option 3 which is the unlimited broadband package and the fact that is has a 100GB download limit! 

Dear Sir

Please feel free to share my BT complaint on your website and act upon it as you see fit. I hope it will be seen as a warning by others contemplating signing up to this execrable ISP because if you sign up to BT and want to download files via peer-to-peer networks or specifically torrents, you find that BT are basically intent on misleading the public about their service. These types of downloads are heavily throttled and the situation is getting worse.

It is now about 10.00 am on New Year’s Day 2010 and the combined speeds for torrent files I am getting is 30 kB/s and this will drop to no more than 8 kB/s by 5.00 pm and this happens every day.

I have phoned to complain about the service, only to discover that the staff who will admit that this is going on are those that use peer-to-peer services, the rest are ignorant and often abrasive and will deny it – one actually suggested that I didn’t understand how the internet worked and was about to give me his patronising explanation – but then I lost my temper with this particular waste of space. I have also been told that the staff are told nothing about this as part of their training. The support staff in India are laughably the worst; because of their limited training, they did not even understand what I was complaining about!

Having managed to download more than 100 Gb of data last month, I discovered that on the expensive Option 3 the service is then capped to 1 Mb between 5.00 pm and midnight. BT’s fair usage policy on their unlimited package is a mere 100 Gb of data in a month before usage is restricted – find that in the small print when you sign up!

I guess that BT want to sell their useless and pointless TV on demand service and are trying to save bandwidth to make this work.

I don’t suppose that BT will do anything about this – because they don’t care and it may well be that I will have switched to the cheaper, faster and more generous service from O2 – support staff in Scotland and not India – by the time BT comments on this but I just wanted to share my dismal experiences.

Oh, by the way, I am ex-BT but from an era when BT really stood for exceptional service from skilled and knowledgeable staff – I guess I’m showing my age now.

Yours faithfully

Stephen Silverstein

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  1. If they say unlimited, then it should be completely unlimited. 100 GB is a lot though! Are you really downloading 3Gb a day, every day, over the month? If so, and this is through P2P and torrents, just queue them up to download overnight to get round their restrictions.

    As above though, if they say unlimited then it should be. However if they brought in truly unlimited packages, I bet they'd hoik the prices up…

  2. So your basiclaly admitting your downloading what can only be described as illegal copyright data?? and complain that your being capped… ohh dear.

  3. No. I've just received the EXACT SAME PROBLEM because I have legally BOUGHT and downloaded several HD TV series from the itunes store. This then downloads several (think 20+ episodes to a series if American) HD video files which are about 1.3gb, plus all the same episodes in standard format for those with an ipod.

    Then factor in that all my music is now bought online and that I am a keen gamer on both PC and consoles, where games can be 10gb+ a piece (as I use an online service called Steam which is like itunes but for games), and I'm being screwed over by my internet provider every month.

    In a day and age where internet purchases and downloads are so highly used and BT is supposed to be at the forfront of modern communication technology, their policies are extremely dated.

  4. What really ticks me off about the 100gb limit is when watching programs on bcc iplayer (yes watching not downloading) it uses up around 800mb for just 1 hour!
    Now when you have a family of 7 all watching different programs on the iplayer and 4od, that 100gb limit is reached in just a couple of weeks!

  5. I have just had the same problem. Internet running slow and BT Vision on demand programmes not working. Phoned them to be told about the 100gb limit and I explained this was not explained during the sign up process that was over 3 years ago for me. Its ridiculus because Im paying for their tv service as well and because the internet is restricted to 1mb I cant even watch that! If you ask me this is something that they have not long introduced as its never been a problem before. Its dating us right back to stone age internet because its like being back on the old dial up modem crap! Roll on November when my contract runs out because when I recieve that courtesy call with the offer of a free gift for being a 'valued' customer the only gift then will be getting in return is my cancellation of the service! Misleading and false advertising comes into mind Unlimited my backside!

  6. I also find it difficult agree with this policy. Having recently purchased 40Mb broadband from BT (delivering a Gb of content in less than 4 minutes!) I find it ridiculous that in just 7 hours I could exceed this limit and then suffer 30 days of evenings where I am unable to simply stream HD content etc. To advertise such a speed, and apply such a limit on service is madness. I understand that other users also require service, and so limits are required (except for Sky broadband which is truly unlimited!), but why not choose something more reasonable, say 4Mb – come on BT, sort it out!

  7. It's a rip off! plain and simple! Advertise the blazing speed, get them all on board for 18 months, let them find out about the 100GB bottle neck after the ink in dry! It's legal Theft!

  8. I echo the many opinions above. I have recently started peer to peer file sharing and its a breeze. Dont scoff at it until youve tried it. I warn you.
    It is the future as well as the present. Its happening right now. Download speed is paramount. Its all that matters.
    100Gb is nothing. Really. Its nothing.
    Im building a movie collection and could easily take 500Gb a month. Thats just file sharing.
    Option 3 is expensive but I wouldnt mind if it did what I "thought" it said on the tin.
    If you dont download its great. If you do you will be leaving at the end of your contract. End of.
    Goodbye BT.

  9. "It's legal Theft!"
    No it's not. It's all in black and white in BT's terms and conditions, and if you search 'fair usage policy' on their website it explains it all to you.
    Fair enough, it's not in massive bold type like the speed is, but you'll find 'subject to fair usage policy' or similar in almost every place you find official info about BT's 'unlimited' option, this covers them legally.

  10. I recieved the same just 2 days ago – I can hardly even browse the net anymore – I was getting about 3 and a half for full speed now i am really dropped down to half meg. My browsing alone is really suffering now has my daughter has a ps3 and plays alot of online games so this half meg is shared between her and me. If this continues BT can go suck has i will change my isp

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