10 years of needless payments for 2 phonelines

Dear BT Complaints

We’ve been with BT for over 10 years and have always been happy with the service until this January when we found out that we’ve been provided with a service that was not necessary and have paid a monthly rental on a phone line that was not needed!

We originally set up a separate phone line as we were under the misconception that we needed this line so that any internet use would not stop us being contacted by phone. For your records the phone line was 01226xxxxxx and the separate line number was 01226xxxxxx. At this stage we were not informed that this was not necessary.

Over the years we have rung and questioned a number of your operators as to why we have phone packages attached to the line (291xxx), for example Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan when the line is only used for the internet. Not once have any of your employees told us that we do not need a line for the internet. I am also sure that they can see that we have never made any calls from this line which has cost us £13.90 per month.

We are both well educated professionals but neither my husband nor myself are good at anything technical to do with broadband so we have trusted that BT would advise us correctly. Imagine our shock when we found out that we did not need two lines!

We rang to close our account and put in a complaint on February 2nd 2012. We were informed that our complaint would be dealt with and we would be contacted within 5 working days. The phone call came after seven working days on Monday 13th February when one of your employees offered us a pathetic six months rental for over 10 years of deceit. We refused and were told that someone else would contact us within 5 working days. That was 14 days ago!

We are assuming that now we are no longer with BT that our complaint is very low on the priority list, however we are willing to take this further if it is not dealt with promptly and have decided to put the complaint in writing in order that we have a paper trail.

We are expecting your call within the next 5 working days.

Yours sincerely

Sue and Gary Cooper

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