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Dear BTcomplaint.com, it all began because I was getting calls from 08450779000. This is a ‘legitimate’ company that provides a reverse call charge ‘service’ to BT customers. I called BT about this. The first person had a foreign accent, which is fine, if you can understand them. He put me on hold and never came back. The second person told me that it was a ‘legitimate’ company and not a scam as only BT would make money from the calls?

The third person I spoke to told me to ring the company and block the calls, I did. I decided to look into it further and found that BT are, indeed, in cahoots with these clowns. What happens is, someone, anyone, calls 0800 Reverse from any number, mobile, landline etc and puts in the number they want to call.

That number then gets a call telling them there is a reverse charge call and to say yes to accept it.
That word ‘yes’ just cost you £3.49 for 30 seconds of ‘chat’ then 50p per 30 seconds or part there of after that.

I had six such calls throughout the night from just after midnight to 7:30am.
I don’t know who made the calls because you don’t have to say your name, you can just grunt down the phone or pretend to be someone else.

I have since tried to get back in touch with BT to find out what they are playing at.
I called their ‘customer complaints’ number. It took me round the houses, exactly like all the other numbers, it played a FIFA World Cup Ad, asked me if i wanted to know my current call charges, did i want to pay my bill, report a fault, etc etc etc, eventually it took me to a operator.
This time a female foreign accent, I couldn’t understand her either. I told her I wanted to make a complaint, she took some details and asked what it was I wanted to know about my bill??
I hadn’t asked about my bill.

All I wanted to know was, why are BT in cahoots with a company like this? Why are they saying it is a ‘service’ provided to BT customers? Are the calls monitored? Do they keep a record of who is making the calls? If not, why not? This service is open to abuse. Oh yes, I even tried to use their online chat service, didn’t work!!


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  • I fail to see how this is a Complaint against BT? 08450779000 is that Company 0800 Reverse, the one with those really annoying adverts that are clearly made in Australia for some reason.

    If you don't want to accept the calls just say, 'I don't accept it'. It clearly says on the 0800 Reverse web site that by accepting the call you are agreeing for them to add the charges to your telephone providers bill. This same rule would apply if you were with Virgin Media, AOL, TalkTalk, etc so clearly you havn't looked very well into it.

    The only money BT would make is the standard call rate on the call package you are on and this same rule applies to whoever your Service Provider is. The £3.49 connection charge and 50 pence a minute there after all goes to the 0800 Reverse Company.

    So before you go making complaints and allegations you should really get all your facts right.

  • Dear Anonymous,
    People like you – really annoy me – you idiot – the person knows they have been ripped off – and about the 'contractual agreement stated on the website – the point that was being made was: Whatever the statement says – it's a rip off and why is BT allowing companies like this to operate a service – say, from one of their phone boxes etc. Also buddy – not everyone has the internet to hand – old people etc – READ THE POST before trying to blind people with science…

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